Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mighty Faith Services – Exposing The Foreclosure Fraud!



* Audit Your Own Loan Documents to Identify if there is any “fraud” in your Mortgage.
* Give Notice to your Lender of a Disputed Debt.
* Request Disclosure. (QWR)
* Request Affidavit Of Debt. Creditor must validate the alleged Debt.
* Prepare your DIY Foundation For a Successful Commercial Lien.

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Thomas Rodgers – Is HUD Gassing America & Do They Have A License To Kill?

Air Date: 07/22/2010

Since I have been defrocked and my education and labor history
“sanitized” as a hated whistle-blower in my profession, I am always
reticent about stating my Curriculum Vitae or experience on paper
because my fellows-now-enemies have used it to refute and claim I am a liar.

So rather than being a Human and Animal Pathologist (which is why I was
able to identify these poisoning cases in the first place), I am instead
labeled as a Pathological Liar. Cute huh!

So the best I dare state on paper is that I have personal life
experience including human and animal pathology, then I let my spoken or
printed knowledge support itself — and that works better than a
death-obtained “sheepskin” hanging on mahogany paneled walls and
convincing you of man made credentials and covering the lying words of
the wolf who owns it!

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Dr. Bill Deagle, MD – The Smoking Gun Proof Of A Gulf Oil Disaster Coverup!

Dr Bill Deagle MD is a Prolife M.D. physician. He has been a board certified Family Medicine Specialist, board eligible Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and has practiced Internal Medicine, Medico-legal, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Environmental Toxicology. Currently he is a media liaison activist and teacher for the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dr Bill has been in private practice for 25 + years, and has worked as a contract physician with companies working with the US Government on NORAD, US Space Command, Advanced CRAY Supercomputers, Large Array and EMP Proof Microchips, and many other projects such as exit examiner for the Special Operations Chemical Munitions Team of the US Military for the OKC Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995, Operation Top Off and Dark Winter with FEMA and FBI and State and Federal Hazardous Materials and Biowarfare War Games 1997.

The NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT and CLAYandIRON Show has a wide array of experts interviewed on Geopolitics, Antiaging, Health and Wellness, Prolife, Spiritual, Messianic, Christian, Military, Above Government Space and Warfare Technologies, Constitutional, Legal JurisDictionary Militia, and Ancient Archeology and Science to name but a few.

Hour Two of the three hour show from 2 to 5 PM CST, Mondays to Fridays and 8 to 11 PM CST Sunday’s Encore best of the week shows is broadcast nationally across America and worldwide. Listen and discover new natural wellness nutraceuticals and technologies to heal the body, restore function, and slow and reverse aging from custom designs by Dr Bill and other personally selected nutritional supplements companies that represent the best in the world gathered through extensive research. Call in questions are welcome throughout the show to the studio to 800-259-5791.

To Order Securely online and sign up for our Free Nutrimedical Newsletter go to or You also may call in your order or questions at 888-212-8871.

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Jon Rappaport – What Is So Vital About The Dynamics of Home Schooling?

Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years.
Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize early in his career, Jon has published
articles on medical fraud, politics, alternative health, and sports in LA
Weekly, CBS Healthwatch, Spin, Stern, and other magazines and newspapers
in the US and Europe.

He is the is author of several books, including The Secret Behind Secret
Societies and The Magic Agent (a novel).

Jon is the author of a new course for home schoolers, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS.

He can be reached at

His work can be found at his site,

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr. Laura Thompson – Nutritional Solutions for Keeping Your Brain Tip-Top

Dr. Laura Thompson is the CEO and founder of the Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition based in Carlsbad, California. Dr. Thompson received her Ph.D. in Nutrition and Human behavior from Ryokan College in Los Angeles, California, studied naturopathy and iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen, and culinary arts at the Paris American Academy in Paris, France. She is board certified in Naturopathic Endocrinology through the American Naturopathic Medical Association and has taken over 1,000 men and women through natural hormone programs.

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