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Rick Perry's Bilderberg Visit Violation Of Logan Act?

Texas Governor Rick Perry is amongst the attendees at this year's
secretive Bilderberg Group meeting in Istanbul Turkey, but his visit
could be a violation of the Logan Act, a 1799 law that criminalizes
unauthorized U.S. citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.

"Gov. Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey,
today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting
of about 130 international leaders in business, media and politics,"
reports the Dallas Morning News.

"Robert Black, the governor's press secretary, said the governor
was invited to attend and speak about state-federal relations. Mr.
Black dismissed the conspiracy theories."

"He's looking forward to learning the secret
handshake," Mr. Black joked."

Sophomoric joking aside, Perry's attendance at a behind closed
doors, and armed guards, meeting, in which the content of what is
discussed will remain totally secret is a potential violation of
the Logan Act.

The Logan Act states, "Any citizen of the United States, wherever
he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly
or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse
with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with
intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government
or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes
or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures
of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
not more than three years, or both."

The Logan Act also bars public officials from meeting with private
citizens to make policy, a crime for which the Clinton White House
was fined $300,000 for, according to Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker.

Rick Perry seems to have attempted to get ahead of accusations
that he was violating the act in making the visit by claiming the
trip was paid for out of campaign contributions and not by taxpayers,
but this is inconsequential.

Perry's press secretary declined to give a statement when we called
and denied any knowledge of the Logan Act, yet seemed to be fully
aware of it in claiming Bilderberg was a private meeting. Since
the Logan Act also bars private citizens from negotiating with foreign
officials, Perry is still violating the law.

The fact that Bilderberg has a proven track record of creating
consensus for policy that is enacted shortly down the line also
betrays the group as wholly undemocratic and criminal in its secrecy,
further violating the Logan Act.

The BBC uncovered documents form a former Bilderberg member dating back
to the early 50's betraying the fact that the European Union and
the single Euro currency were both brainchild's of the Bilderberg

At the 2005 Bilderberg meeting in Munich Germany, leaked
talking points obtained from the speeches
given at the conference
indicated that Bilderberg expected oil prices to surge over the
next 12 months, which is exactly what happened.

Bilderberg has a proven history of acting in a kingmaker capacity. Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended before becoming President and Prime Minister and the mainstream media reported that Bilderberg selected John Edwards as Kerry's running mate in 2004. Hillary Clinton was rumored to have attended last year's conference.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Attend Bilderberg

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey, today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media and politics.

The invitation-only conference was started in 1954 and named for the Dutch hotel where the conference was first held. Those who attend promise not to reveal what was discussed, security is tight, and the press and public are barred.

The conference has been the subject of conspiracy theorists and even Christian groups who wonder about its influence.

Robert Black, the governor's press secretary, said the governor was invited to attend and speak about state-federal relations. Mr. Black dismissed the conspiracy theories.

"He's looking forward to learning the secret handshake," Mr. Black joked.

He said that Mr. Perry is paying for the trip and host hotel, usually among the top in the world, out of campaign contributions from his Texans for Rick Perry committee.

Previous speakers at the conference have included such GOP stalwarts as outgoing World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz and former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Last year, the conference was held in Ottawa, and the Toronto Star reported that it had received an unsigned press release saying that the 2006 group included David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of Holland, New York Gov. George Pataki, media moguls, high-level officials from Spain and Greece, and the heads of Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon, a former Belgian diplomat, granted the British Broadcasting Corp. a rare interview two years ago in which he brushed aside myths surrounding the organization.

"When people say this is a secret government of the world, I say that if we were a secret government of the world, we should be bloody ashamed of ourselves," Mr. Davignon said.

Mr. Black said that the governor was going because he was invited. "He looks forward to talking to them about the system of federalism here in the United States," he said.

Regarding the secrecy surrounding the event, Mr. Black said: "It's their conference, and I suppose they can run it anyway they want. The governor was honored that they would ask him to come speak on the American experience, and he's happy to do it."

Mr. Perry returns to Texas on Monday.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Real ID Act in action!

The Real ID Act in action!
By: Brian Roberts

My father has been unemployed for about 2 years, because the company he used to work for (M&B Metals) fired him for no good reason, and the Union would not help him.
On May 22nd of this year, he went to the unemployment office and put in an application for a local plant here in Leesburg Al. called KTH. On May 23th he gets a call form the unemployment office offering him 1 of 2 positions at the
plant. On May 24th, he goes back to the unemployment office to collect the paper work he needs for the interview and the lady behind
the desk tells him, "Make sure to take these papers with you, and your "National ID".......... Your drivers licenses."
My father has only hear that term one time in his life, and that was from me. When he told me this I almost fell out of my set. So it makes
me wonder now, is she a truther, maybe she listens to and reads alternative news, or maybe, just maybe, she has been told to call it that.
I will try to contact this lady to get her full name and ask her why she called it a "National ID" and not a drivers license and when she was
told to start calling it such.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Shriners Helping Form NAU!

North American Union
By: Brian Roberts

For those of you who may think the North American Union is a joke, check this out!
On my trip to Gulf Shores Alabama, we past the Zamora Temple, in Irondale Alabama. I looked at the Temple as we pasted and saw 4 flags flying, on the poles and thought I saw something out, of the ordinary. So today May 21, 2007 I took a ride with my bother back to the temple for a closer look, and see for your self what was there!

Click on image for full rez.

That's right, your eyes do not deceive you! You are looking at the
American, Canadian, Mexican, and Panama flags! Why would these flags be flying, on US soil? I was shocked to see this, and I am completely confused, as to
why they are there.

Even the web site Zamora Temple has a photo of the flags on their main page!
Could this be what everyone has talked about for years? Could this be true
that the Shrine, and the Freemasons are helping the Elite to build a North
American Union? I urge everyone who reads this to call and ask why these flags
are flying, on US soil! Help fight the powers to be, and put at stop to the NAU!

Zamora Shrine Temple - Office

3521 Ratliff Road,
Birmingham, AL 35210

phone: (205) 956-3636

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

RFID Chips in Your Money, You Weren’t Supposed to Know

It is amazing sometimes to watch how stories that should never have been reported get quickly denied and then absurd excuses used as a cover.A perfect example is the Canadian spy coin capper.It was originally reported that some not-in-the-know security contractors had come across some suspicious coins while travelling through Canada. These suspicions were referred to the proper authorities at the counterintelligence office of the U.S. Defense Security Service at the Department of Defence. Their resulting report stated:“On at least three separate occasions between October 2005 and January 2006, cleared defense contractors' employees traveling through Canada have discovered radio frequency transmitters embedded in Canadian coins placed on their persons”But you were not supposed to know that your money has RFID chips in it.“The allegations, however, were found later to be unsubstantiated following an investigation into the matter,” the agency said in a statement published on its Web site.”That is as detailed as the explanation got. Unfortunately simple denial did not work and a US Freedom of Information Act and Canadian Access to Information Act requests were filed. Now they had to come up with an excuse to explain their admitted incompetence.Drum roll… It was the ever suspicious “poppy quarter”. According to numismatist Dennis Pike:“the coin's protective coating glows peculiarly under ultraviolet light”Case closed.Convinced?How about a quick recap.Suspicious red-centered coins examined “under high-powered microscope”. Mistook fancy new colour protecting coating for RFID chip. Never bothered to “confirm” (maybe by comparing microscopic appearance of suspicious red-centered coins to, say, maybe another not-so-suspicious red-centered coin) before publishing report. Heavily redacted nine day investigation revealed that we is dumb.Please move on, we are not testing / implementing RFID chips in your money.

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All-white schools will be forced to build multi-cultural links

Here we go again! The all mighty Gov. trying to tell us what to do, not that this is a bad thing or anything, but the Gov. should not forceanyone to do anything! The roll of the Gov. is not to control but to do as the people say!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Schools with mainly white pupils will be forced to send their children to mix with other races and religions.A legal duty for schools to promote community relations comes into force in September.Government guidelines to help them comply could require staff to take children on visits to multi-ethnic schools, stage joint plays and sporting events or twin with other schools.Ministers said some suburban teenagers had never met a Muslim or Hindu and needed more contact.Ofsted, the schools watchdog, will be given the power to force schools to comply. Those who do not risk being consigned to a failing list.Teachers' leaders said the guidelines were heavy-handed and unnecessary.The advice says schools should "give their pupils the opportunity to mix with and learn with" pupils from other ethnic, religious and class backgrounds.Lessons in all subjects should help to teach children tolerance and break down prejudice.Schools must encourage pupils to strike up e-mail friendships with children at schools with a different racial or religious mix. They should also consider inviting imams and vicars to talk.Schools Minister Jim Knight said one school in his Dorset South constituency had been rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted for its RE teaching.But pupils had only limited experience of those from other backgrounds."They had never met anyone of the Muslim faith, they had never met a Hindu," he said."As part of delivering the duty, we could encourage more of that sort of contact. You could do it online."He gave the "perfect example" of a link between a primary in Weymouth and another in Tower Hamlets.The inner London borough has among the highest concentration of ethnic minority pupils in the country."The relationship had been forged by a member of staff who moved from a school in Tower Hamlets to Weymouth."They developed a relationship by e-mail between individual pupils, and then were going to visit."Mr Knight unveiled the guidance at the National Association of Head Teachers annual conference."I am quite keen on faith-based schools twinning with those of other faiths," he added.Schools where pupils are predominantly one faith or ethnic group will need to "do more" than those with diverse populations, the guidance says. But Mick Brookes, the Association's general secretary, said: "It seems like another stick to beat schools with."He criticised the "mechanistic" system which threatened heads with losing their jobs if they failed to comply with Ofsted demands."It's a pretty brutal type of regime. Lots of schools do fantastic things like this in their community already," he added.John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: "This is an unnecessary and additional statutory responsibility for schools in an area where schools are already in the front line."One in five schoolchildren is from an ethnic minority, official figures show. Two per cent of secondary schools and 5 per cent of primary schools in England have no ethnic minority pupils.Alan Johnson brought in the requirement for schools to "promote community cohesion" after abandoning plans for admissions quotas for faith schools.The Education Secretary wanted all faith schools to reserve a quarter of places for non-believers but changed the plans after opposition led by the Catholic Church.Instead, he said schools should be required to demonstrate they are improving community relations.

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Yahoo not Talking about Ron Paul!?!?!

Now Yahoo! Censor Popular Support For Ron Paul
ABC forced to address Texas Congressman's campaign, but remain silent on why they scrubbed him from online poll

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yahoo! News have become the latest establishment media outlet to ignore and censor Ron Paul's presidential campaign, despite the fact that he won Thursday night's GOP debate hands down, according to an overwhelming majority that voted for him in online polls.

Yahoo! News' 2008 Presidential election coverage page features a list of candidates from both Democrat and Republican parties, but fails to list Ron Paul, despite the fact that he easily trounced the likes of Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter - who are featured, in every online poll since Thursday's debate.

No room for Ron Paul at Yahoo! Only establishment shill Republicrats and Democons allowed.

MySpace users are also claiming that bulletins expressing support for Ron Paul are being blocked and that prominent supporters of Paul's campaign are having their accounts suspended.

ABC News were swamped with furious e mails and calls over the weekend after they deliberately scrubbed Ron Paul from their online poll, ensuring no one could vote for him. After he was reinstated, the Congressman received thousands of votes and won the poll at a canter.

In a simpering puff piece released last night, ABC News correspondent Rick Klein claims that Paul's popularity is not reflected nationwide and is merely the result of "viral marketing" on behalf of the Congressman's online supporters.

The Internet leader in activist media - Prison Watch the 80 minute video in which LBJ's former mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, exposes Johnson's role in formulating the plot to kill JFK. Click here to subscribe.

Apologists for the establishment press have tried to argue that popular support for Ron Paul is skewed by activist voting, but the fact remains that Paul had topped the MSNBC online vote before it had even been widely publicized, as Keith Olbermann stated during live coverage of the debate.

If we accept this to be the case are we to then assume that Giuliani, Romney and the other gaggle of shill candidates don't have any online support? If so, who is going to vote for them? Do Giuliani and McCain supporters not have access to the Internet?

Klein also erroneously claims that Paul's online votes in the MSNBC poll were artificially inflated because users were voting multiple times. This isn't possible, since the website only affords one vote to one IP address - there is no option to vote again if you have already voted. Klein obviously didn't even bother to check whether his statement was correct before including it in the article.

The fact that ABC deliberately tried to censor Paul by not including him in the original poll is not addressed in the article.

What we are witnessing is a deliberate effort to poo-poo Ron Paul's chances to ensure that he has no chance - this is a chicken and egg scenario. If Ron Paul was afforded as much coverage as Giuliani and Romney he would have a real shot of becoming President - but the military-industrial complex that owns the media are loathe to allow that because Paul is a true anti-war Jeffersonian paleoconservative and he represents the people.

We couldn't possibly have a President that represented the people now could we! Only a compromised slimeball shill pre-approved and selected by the anointed ones and their mouthpiece hacks in the corporate media.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Geek Squad: im in ur hard drive, steeling ur pr0n

Last week, watchdog website The Consumerist posted a long confession allegedly written by an employee of Bloomington-based computer fix-it service Geek Squad.

The disgruntled Geek claimed that the men in the cute New Beetles have been corrupted by their relationship with Best Buy.

The most disturbing—and totally believable—charge? That techies snoop around customers' computers for homemade porn, downloading personal nudie pics onto their own flash drives.

We called a local Best Buy/Geek Squad outlet for reassurance.

"That's absolutely not our practice—it's part of our policy to keep files private," said the Agent. "Although we might see the names of the files pop up, if you've saved pictures as your screensaver."

So we asked, What if we brought in, say, a spouse's computer? Would you search that for hidden porn at our behest?

The Agent paused. "We can do that."


All I can say is OH MY GOD! Just think what they are doing with out your

Sunday, May 6, 2007

What does a Police State look like? This is what a Police State looks like!

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Riots, dangerous standoffs and terrorism are crises for which the Los Angeles Police Department created its elite Metropolitan Division.So community activists wonder: Why was this helmeted, baton-wielding unit called to clear out a park after Tuesday's peaceful immigration march? And did their appearance somehow instigate the violence that ensued?"Their presence is provocative," said Carol Sobel, president of the National Lawyers Guild, who has worked with the LAPD to change policies, including when Metro officers are activated.People react when they see Metro officers "standing there, pointing ... weapons, in black uniforms with their shields down and it's like an enemy state," she said.During the melee at MacArthur Park, about 600 police officers, including 100 from the Metro Division, fired more than 240 rubber bullets and beat demonstrators and members of the news media with batons, but made no arrests, Police Chief William Bratton said. (Watch how people got hurt during the melee Video)Bratton said he was troubled by videotaped images of the police response and said four investigations are under way.Fox reporter Christina Gonzalez, who was pushed by officers, said she heard them laugh and say, "Double time, it's tussle time."The 288-member Metro squad was designed as a mobile crime-fighting unit that could be deployed to hotspots."Their whole day is training for that special thing," said civil rights attorney Connie Rice, hired by the civilian police oversight commission to investigate the department after another unit was accused of using excessive force. "You have cops like that and guess what? They find reasons to use their training."Capt. Scott Kroeber, commander of the division, did not return a message left at his office. The LAPD media office did not respond to a request for an interview about the unit.Bob Baker, president of the union representing officers, has cautioned against condemning the police before an investigation is complete.Since a similar clash during the 2000 Democratic National Convention, the department has been reluctant to call in the Metro Division to work crowd control. The result has been minimal friction with police at other demonstrations, including last year's much larger immigration march, Sobel and others said.Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa described Tuesday's incident as very similar to what happened at the convention. He said the investigation would determine whether police followed protocols set up afterward, some of them the result of lawsuits brought by Sobel.Three protesters have filed a federal lawsuit, alleging police violated their constitutional rights.Local television news camerawoman Patti Ballaz filed a claim against the city and Police Department alleging civil rights violations. She suffered a fractured wrist and injuries to her ankle and was hit in the breast with a police baton, said Kathy Pinckert, a spokeswoman for Ballaz's attorneys.Victor Narro, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild who helped organize Tuesday's demonstration, said his group is considering whether to sue.Eugene O'Donnell, professor of police studies at New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said Los Angeles' thin police force is partly to blame for Tuesday's deployment of Metro officers. New York can flood demonstrations with undercover and uniformed police who arrest unruly protesters before a situation escalates, he said.New York has more than 39,000 uniformed officers covering 320 square miles, whereas Los Angeles has about 9,000 patrol covering a city sprawling over 450 square miles.

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Fahrenheit 2777

Here is an old article I found from 2005,

9/11 has generated the mother of all conspiracy theories
By Michael Shermer

(Befor you start to read this let's define the word

may refer to
  • An act of working in secret to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations.

So just so this is clear, if Bin Laden did this, then it was a Conspiracy, and the 9/11 Commission Report is, by definition, a Conspiracy Therory!

A conspiracy theory attempts to explain the ultimate cause of an event or chain of events as a secret plot by a covert alliance.)

Noted French left-wing activist Thierry Meyssan's 9/11 conspiracy book, L'Effroyable Imposture, became a best-seller in 2002. But I never imagined such an "appalling deception" would ever find a voice in America. At a recent public lecture I was buttonholed by a Michael Moore–wannabe filmmaker who breathlessly explained that 9/11 was orchestrated by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Central Intelligence Agency as part of their plan for global domination and a New World Order. That goal was to be financed by G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, Drugs) and launched by a Pearl Harbor–like attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, thereby providing the justification for war. The evidence was there in the details, he explained, handing me a faux dollar bill (with "9-11" replacing the "1," a picture of Bush supplanting that of Washington) chockablock with Web sites.

In fact, if you type "World Trade Center" and "conspiracy" into Google, you'll get more than 250,000 hits. From these sites, you will discover that some people think the Pentagon was hit by a missile; that U.S. Air Force jets were ordered to "stand down" and not intercept Flights 11 and 175, the ones that struck the twin towers; that the towers themselves were razed by demolition explosives timed to go off soon after the impact of the planes; that a mysterious white jet shot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania; and that New York Jews were ordered to stay home that day (Zionists and other pro-Israeli factions, of course, were involved). Books also abound, including Inside Job, by Jim Marrs; The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin; and 9/11: The Great Illusion, by George Humphrey. The single best debunking of this conspiratorial cods wallop is in the March issue of Popular Mechanics, which provides an exhaustive point-by-point analysis of the most prevalent claims.

The mistaken belief that a handful of unexplained anomalies can undermine a well-established theory lies at the heart of all conspiratorial thinking (as well as creationism, Holocaust denial and the various crank theories of physics). All the "evidence" for a 9/11 conspiracy falls under the rubric of this fallacy. Such notions are easily refuted by noting that scientific theories are not built on single facts alone but on a convergence of evidence assembled from multiple lines of inquiry.

No melted steel, no collapsed towers.

For example, according to, steel melts at a temperature of 2,777 degrees Fahrenheit, but jet fuel burns at only 1,517 degrees F. No melted steel, no collapsed towers. "The planes did not bring those towers down; bombs did," says Wrong. In an article in the Journal of the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society and in subsequent interviews, Thomas Eagar, an engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explains why: steel loses 50 percent of its strength at 1,200 degrees F; 90,000 liters of jet fuel ignited other combustible materials such as rugs, curtains, furniture and paper, which continued burning after the jet fuel was exhausted, raising temperatures above 1,400 degrees F and spreading the inferno throughout each building. Temperature differentials of hundreds of degrees across single steel horizontal trusses caused them to sag--straining and then breaking the angle clips that held the beams to the vertical columns. Once one truss failed, others followed. When one floor collapsed onto the next floor below, that floor subsequently gave way, creating a pancaking effect that triggered each 500,000-ton structure to crumble. Conspiricists argue that the buildings should have fallen over on their sides, but with 95 percent of each building consisting of air, they could only have collapsed straight down.

All the 9/11 conspiracy claims are this easily refuted. On the Pentagon "missile strike," for example, I queried the would-be filmmaker about what happened to Flight 77, which disappeared at the same time. "The plane was destroyed, and the passengers were murdered by Bush operatives," he solemnly revealed. "Do you mean to tell me that not one of the thousands of conspirators needed to pull all this off," I retorted, "is a whistle-blower who would go on TV or write a tell-all book?" My rejoinder was met with the same grim response I get from UFOlogists when I ask them for concrete evidence: Men in Black silence witnesses, and dead men tell no tales.

Michael Shermer is publisher of Skeptic ( His latest book is Science Friction.

OK with all that said how we are crazy bla bla bla, explain this Mr. Expert;
How does a 47 story building, not hit by an air plane, fall in the exact same way
the 2 towards? That is the $1,000,000.00 question, asshole!
I am sick of people calling me crazy, or telling me to shut up! I will not shut up!
I have questions, and untill they are answered I will never shut up!
It is time for people to stop just following what they hear or see on any medium, and people should "ALWAYS QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT!"

9/11 Official Story Is Literally Crazy

Entry taken from George Washington's Blog.


Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy

Should people who question the government's version of the events of 9/11 have their heads examined?

Well, the following psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false. Moreover, many of these mental health experts have concluded that the government's account is so obviously false that people who believe the government's version are in psychological denial:

Psychiatrist Carol S. Wolman, MD

Psychiatrist E. Martin Schotz

Professor of Psychology at University of New Hampshire William Woodward

Professor of Psychology at University of Essex Philip Cozzolino

Professor of Psychology at Goddard College Catherine Lowther

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies Ralph Metzner

Professor of Psychology at Rhodes University Mike Earl-Taylor

Retired Professor of Psychology at Oxford University Graham Harris

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska and licensed Psychologist Ronald Feintech

Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist Richard Welser

Clinical psychologist, Ed.D., Harvard University Gwendolyn Atwood,

Psychology researcher, M.A., Psychology Victoria Ashley

Psychotherapist, M.S. Clinical Psychology, Greg Henricks

M.S. in educational psychology, Roy Holcombe

M.A. in Counseling Psychology Tova Gabrielle

There are literally thousands of other mental health professionals who have reached the same conclusions. So who is out of touch with reality: those who question 9/11 or those who believe the government's version without question?

State looks to pull anti-Bush license plate

Kevin Woster
Rapid City Journal
Saturday May 05, 2007

RAPID CITY -- Heather Moriah loves the personalized license plates on her silver Prius encouraging the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

But somebody doesn’t agree. And that somebody complained to the state. Now, the South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles is trying to recall the plates -- which read MPEACHW. And if Moriah doesn’t turn them in voluntarily, the state might send law-enforcement officers to pick them up.

Even so, she’s not immediately inclined to cooperate.

“I don’t think I’m going to play,” Moriah said Thursday afternoon. “The plate isn’t in poor taste. It‘s not sexual in nature or pornographic. To me, a political message should not be considered offensive.”

But Division of Motor Vehicles director Deb Hillmer said Thursday that the law clearly gives the state authority to recall the plates and have them forcibly removed if necessary. And although only one person complained about Moriah’s political statement, that’s all it takes to recall a set of vanity plates, Hillmer said.

“I’m following the letter of the law,” she said. “It’s offensive to someone and not in good taste and decency. And the plates are the property of the state of South Dakota.”

State law declares motor vehicle licenses plates to be the property of the state as long as the plates are valid. The law also allows personalized plates with as many as seven letters for an extra $25 fee. But it gives DMV officials the right to refuse to issue “any letter combination which carries connotations offensive to good taste and decency.”

Hillmer said MPEACHW meets that criterion. The plates never would have been issued if DMV officials had caught their meaning at the time Moriah applied, Hillmer said.

“This was one that we apparently missed when it came through originally, and we received a complaint from an individual that found it offensive,” she said, declining to identify the individual or provide the contents of the complaint. “I don’t think we ever would have issued it if we’d have picked up on what it was inferring.”

Moriah said she bought the 2005 Prius late last summer and fitted it with personalized plates similar to those her partner, Curt Finnegan, had on his blue 2004 Prius. His plates actually read: IMPCH-W.

Moriah said has received plenty of positive reactions in public to her plates and that negative responses have been rare. So she was surprised to receive the April 18 letter from the DMV announcing the recall and giving her 10 days to turn in the plates at the Pennington County Treasurer’s Office or the DMV office in Pierre.

The letter said DMV would issue a refund on the months remaining on Moriah’s license.

She is hesitant to give up the plates, however, because she believes her free-speech rights are being unnecessarily limited.

“It’s kind of sad to me,” she said. “For one person to be able to say they’re offended because it’s different from their political beliefs seems really arbitrary. And I don’t think the law is very clear about what ‘offensive’ means.”

Hillmer said the law gives the state great latitude in making that determination. Moriah is free to exercise her free-speech rights in ways that don’t involve state property or implied state sanction of a given message, Hillemr said.

“They have every right to use that free speech, but they need to do it with a bumper sticker,” she said. “That plate is property of South Dakota. And that (message) is not something the state should advocate.”

It wouldn’t matter if the political message or the president were different, it would be inappropriate on a state plate, Hillmer said.

Moriah has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, which intends to protest the recall in a letter to the state. Moriah said it’s unlikely the ACLU will pursue legal action, in part because she is planning a move to Pennsylvanian in the next couple of months.

Finnegan already has moved there and replaced his South Dakota plates for Pennsylvania plates, Moriah said. Moriah hopes to leave in June or July, with her plates still intact. Hillmer said it might not work out that way.

“We may have law enforcement go pick them up if we receive more complaints about it,” she said. “If she returns them, we’ll make her new plates. If we have to go pick them up, we probably won’t.”

Hillmer has been with DMV for more than 20 years. She remembers five or six instances when so-called vanity plates were recalled. One of them said “SNIPER” and another “OLDFART.”

Moriah is the only person to complain about a recall, Hillmer said.

Rapid City lawyer Patrick Duffy said there’s plenty of reason to complain. Duffy, who has worked on key civil rights cases involving American Indian voting issues, said action by the state means that any personalized plate must be recalled because of a single complaint, no matter what the message.

“What this means is that every atheist can now wipe out anything that seems to refer to God,” Duffy said. “Will vanity plates for members of the armed forces suddenly be declared offensive if they offend a single pacifist? It’s absolutely preposterous.”

Even obscenity must be judged by the mores and standards of a community, not just one offended individual, Duffy said.

“Here, all we need is one lone citizen who is apparently invested with the complete authority to determine what is good taste and decency for all the rest of us,” he said. “It seems a little tyrannical to me.”

22% Believe Bush Knew About 9/11 Attacks in Advance Rasmussen Reports Saturday May 05, 2007 Democrats in America are evenly divided on the ques

Prison Planet
Friday, May 4, 2007

More archive video footage has been unearthed that re-emphasizes the fact that President Bush lied about how he first came to know about the events of September 11, 2001.

Watch the clip from 7 minutes in.

ABC News reporter John Cochran told ABC's Peter Jennings, "He got out of his hotel suite this morning, was about to leave, reporters saw the White House chief of staff Andy Card whisper into his ear, then reporters said to the President 'do you know what's going on in New York'? - he said he did and would have something to say about it later."

This contradicts Bush's statement that he made on two separate occasions, that he first learned of what was going on in New York from watching a television outside of the classroom as he prepared to talk about education with a group of Florida schoolchildren.

President Bush Holds Town Hall Meeting
[CNN, Aired December 4, 2001]
QUESTION: One thing, Mr. President, is that you have no idea how much you've done for this country, and another thing is that how did you feel when you heard about the terrorist attack?


Thank you, Jordan (ph).

Well, Jordan (ph), you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card -- actually I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."

But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack."

Obviously, Bush could not have seen the first plane hit the tower because there was no TV footage broadcast of it until the next day.

Occasion 2:
President Holds Town Hall Forum on Economy in California
[, January 5, 2002]

"I was sitting there, and my Chief of Staff -- well, first of all, when we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on..."

As has been well publicized, even after being told of the second plane hitting the south tower and that America was under attack, Bush sat reading a story about a pet goat for well over 5 minutes.

22% Believe Bush Knew About 9/11 Attacks in Advance

Rasmussen Reports
Saturday May 05, 2007

Democrats in America are evenly divided on the question of whether George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 terrorist attacks in advance. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Democrats believe he did know, 39% say he did not know, and 26% are not sure.

Republicans reject that view and, by a 7-to-1 margin, say the President did not know in advance about the attacks. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 18% believe the President knew and 57% take the opposite view.

Overall, 22% of all voters believe the President knew about the attacks in advance. A slightly larger number, 29%, believe the CIA knew about the attacks in advance. White Americans are less likely than others to believe that either the President or the CIA knew about the attacks in advance. Young Americans are more likely than their elders to believe the President or the CIA knew about the attacks in advance.

However, just 8% of voters say the CIA was Very Truthful before the War in Iraq. Another 33% believe the CIA was Somewhat Truthful. Most, 52%, believe the CIA was Not Very Truthful or Not at All Truthful before the War.

Still, 57% have a favorable opinion of the CIA. Thirty-six percent (36%) have an unfavorable view.

Former CIA Director George Tenet doesn’t fare so well. He is viewed favorably by 29% of voters and unfavorably by 49%.

Just 12% have followed news stories about Tenet’s new book Very Closely. Another 29% have followed the stories Somewhat Closely. Fifty-six percent (56%) have not been following the news stories about Tenet.

GOP Debate: Ron Paul Speaks Truth About Iraq And Conservative Values

Crooks And Liars

Friday May 04, 2007

RNC talking points rule the day so far in the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate on MSNBC - with the exception of Ron Paul (R-TX). Paul talked about true conservative values, all of which run counter to the current reincarnation of the Republican Party.

Friday, May 4, 2007

So I got a blog!

Ok so I finnaly got a fucking blog, are you happy?
Now I get to rant and rave (no pun intended) about all the shit that is pissing
me off.

For those of you who do not know me, let me intoduce myself.

I am the OnE like Kenada! There is no other like me, and there shall be no other like me! If there were to be another like me it would be my daughter, and those of you who know me, can imagin what she will be like.

I am a FL. Breakz DJ born and raised in Trussville, AL. running the streets of the ham is what I did best. I am also a 3rd Degree Master Mason, make of it as you will.

I started this blog to call on all brother Masons and non Masons to wake up to what is going on in this world and start acting acordingly!

That is all there is for now. More to come

So Mote It Be.