Thursday, July 19, 2007

Any one ever heard this story?

After getting home Alex Jones takes me out on his boat, I have been thinking something was going to happen to us because Alex drive like a crazy person. After 6 hours of being bounced around we decide to head back. A boat with 10 Middle Eastern guys flags us down with a distress signal. They say they forgot how to drive the boat & need help. Alex starts to run to their aid when I whisper, "This is like a bad Homeland security training film. They obviously have a bomb, and are going to steal our boat." Alex agrees & tells them to just call the marina, we start to drive off. Then I feel bad & say "Maybe we should help?" Alex says, "Make up your mind." He dives off the boat with his clothes on & swims to the old stranded pontoon boat. Suddenly one of the guys yells to me that my friend just cut his finger off. He dives in & helps Alex back to our boat. Alex's finger is dangling with an inch of exposed bone. The next 15 minutes were complete pandemonium as I called 911 & tried to find our way back to the marina, Alex takes over at the wheel & motors into his marina at 25 miles per hour. People where all running out of their boats screaming "Slow Down!!" Alex calls the woman a whore & tells her to shut her fucking mouth while showing her his finger. We hit the docks at full ramming speed where paramedics where waiting. Alex had tried to convince me not to call 911 because they would scan his lost finger into a lost finger database. After 5 hours of surgery Alex's finger was back on & he is OK.

Wow I helped saved Alex Jones finger for future scanning..

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