Friday, July 20, 2007

Change Confronts Newt Gingrich News

July 20,2007

Mike Knarr

On July 19, 2007 Newt Gingrich was at Stabler Arena on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He was speaking at Impact 07 which was raising money for local kid's programs. While signing autographs Mike Knarr from WeAreChange asked Newt whether he knew some of the high ranking military people who have gone on the record regarding 9/11. He acted as if he did know some of the names and didn't react negatively to the names but when told what the names were in regards to, his body language changed and he said they were "insane".

I held in my hand a paper that broke down the recent numbers from At last count we have: 100+ Senior Military, Law Enforcement and Government Officials, 160+ Architects and Engineers, 140+ Professors, 110+ Survivors and Family Members, 80+ Entertainment and Media Professionals, who have gone on the record. Of course, who knows how many people they know in their own professions who won't go on the record.

Newt left little room for debate when he called these decorated combat vets who served their country, "Insane". He then said that anyone who thinks we weren't attacked by an "enemy" was insane. Well of course we were attacked by an enemy, but which enemy. Was this clever wording by Newt. At least we know where he stands on this issue now. He wasn't interested about my conversations with Col. Bob Bowman or Phillip Berg. National security doesn't seem to interest Newt.

I also held in my hand a picture of Newt at the Sonoma County Airport where they fly into the Bohemian Grove. He looked down at the picture and can see that he can't deny participation. His answer is bizarre, "I'm not there, I'm here" and left me so bewildered I had a hard time following up. He clearly didn't want to talk about it. Why didn't he say something like, I love to attend Bohemian Grove where my fellow government and corporate friends relax and have fun? Because he knows that's not what they do there.

Newt then spoke to a crowd of mostly conservatives who paid as much as $89 to hear him speak. While most of the speech was about our government being inept, the end was a fear mongering bonanza. Newt warned of biological attacks and talked about the recent Jersey terrorists. Of course he didn't talk about the 1,200+ U.S. citizens rounded up under the Patriot Act because no one has been found guilty of anything. Newt actually went as far as to say that if we didn't fight this war on terror harder, our women would wake up one day and have to put on a burqa.

Newt has not made a decision to run for president yet. Interestingly, this means he is not under campaign finance laws and can go around making money speaking. Is this the real reason behind him not announcing? Is it to avoid media scrutiny also? Well, I can assure Newt that the "new" media will be asking him lots of questions everywhere he goes.

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