Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yahoo not Talking about Ron Paul!?!?!

Now Yahoo! Censor Popular Support For Ron Paul
ABC forced to address Texas Congressman's campaign, but remain silent on why they scrubbed him from online poll

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yahoo! News have become the latest establishment media outlet to ignore and censor Ron Paul's presidential campaign, despite the fact that he won Thursday night's GOP debate hands down, according to an overwhelming majority that voted for him in online polls.

Yahoo! News' 2008 Presidential election coverage page features a list of candidates from both Democrat and Republican parties, but fails to list Ron Paul, despite the fact that he easily trounced the likes of Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter - who are featured, in every online poll since Thursday's debate.

No room for Ron Paul at Yahoo! Only establishment shill Republicrats and Democons allowed.

MySpace users are also claiming that bulletins expressing support for Ron Paul are being blocked and that prominent supporters of Paul's campaign are having their accounts suspended.

ABC News were swamped with furious e mails and calls over the weekend after they deliberately scrubbed Ron Paul from their online poll, ensuring no one could vote for him. After he was reinstated, the Congressman received thousands of votes and won the poll at a canter.

In a simpering puff piece released last night, ABC News correspondent Rick Klein claims that Paul's popularity is not reflected nationwide and is merely the result of "viral marketing" on behalf of the Congressman's online supporters.

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Apologists for the establishment press have tried to argue that popular support for Ron Paul is skewed by activist voting, but the fact remains that Paul had topped the MSNBC online vote before it had even been widely publicized, as Keith Olbermann stated during live coverage of the debate.

If we accept this to be the case are we to then assume that Giuliani, Romney and the other gaggle of shill candidates don't have any online support? If so, who is going to vote for them? Do Giuliani and McCain supporters not have access to the Internet?

Klein also erroneously claims that Paul's online votes in the MSNBC poll were artificially inflated because users were voting multiple times. This isn't possible, since the website only affords one vote to one IP address - there is no option to vote again if you have already voted. Klein obviously didn't even bother to check whether his statement was correct before including it in the article.

The fact that ABC deliberately tried to censor Paul by not including him in the original poll is not addressed in the article.

What we are witnessing is a deliberate effort to poo-poo Ron Paul's chances to ensure that he has no chance - this is a chicken and egg scenario. If Ron Paul was afforded as much coverage as Giuliani and Romney he would have a real shot of becoming President - but the military-industrial complex that owns the media are loathe to allow that because Paul is a true anti-war Jeffersonian paleoconservative and he represents the people.

We couldn't possibly have a President that represented the people now could we! Only a compromised slimeball shill pre-approved and selected by the anointed ones and their mouthpiece hacks in the corporate media.

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