Friday, May 4, 2007

So I got a blog!

Ok so I finnaly got a fucking blog, are you happy?
Now I get to rant and rave (no pun intended) about all the shit that is pissing
me off.

For those of you who do not know me, let me intoduce myself.

I am the OnE like Kenada! There is no other like me, and there shall be no other like me! If there were to be another like me it would be my daughter, and those of you who know me, can imagin what she will be like.

I am a FL. Breakz DJ born and raised in Trussville, AL. running the streets of the ham is what I did best. I am also a 3rd Degree Master Mason, make of it as you will.

I started this blog to call on all brother Masons and non Masons to wake up to what is going on in this world and start acting acordingly!

That is all there is for now. More to come

So Mote It Be.

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