Monday, May 21, 2007

Shriners Helping Form NAU!

North American Union
By: Brian Roberts

For those of you who may think the North American Union is a joke, check this out!
On my trip to Gulf Shores Alabama, we past the Zamora Temple, in Irondale Alabama. I looked at the Temple as we pasted and saw 4 flags flying, on the poles and thought I saw something out, of the ordinary. So today May 21, 2007 I took a ride with my bother back to the temple for a closer look, and see for your self what was there!

Click on image for full rez.

That's right, your eyes do not deceive you! You are looking at the
American, Canadian, Mexican, and Panama flags! Why would these flags be flying, on US soil? I was shocked to see this, and I am completely confused, as to
why they are there.

Even the web site Zamora Temple has a photo of the flags on their main page!
Could this be what everyone has talked about for years? Could this be true
that the Shrine, and the Freemasons are helping the Elite to build a North
American Union? I urge everyone who reads this to call and ask why these flags
are flying, on US soil! Help fight the powers to be, and put at stop to the NAU!

Zamora Shrine Temple - Office

3521 Ratliff Road,
Birmingham, AL 35210

phone: (205) 956-3636

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