Friday, May 25, 2007

The Real ID Act in action!

The Real ID Act in action!
By: Brian Roberts

My father has been unemployed for about 2 years, because the company he used to work for (M&B Metals) fired him for no good reason, and the Union would not help him.
On May 22nd of this year, he went to the unemployment office and put in an application for a local plant here in Leesburg Al. called KTH. On May 23th he gets a call form the unemployment office offering him 1 of 2 positions at the
plant. On May 24th, he goes back to the unemployment office to collect the paper work he needs for the interview and the lady behind
the desk tells him, "Make sure to take these papers with you, and your "National ID".......... Your drivers licenses."
My father has only hear that term one time in his life, and that was from me. When he told me this I almost fell out of my set. So it makes
me wonder now, is she a truther, maybe she listens to and reads alternative news, or maybe, just maybe, she has been told to call it that.
I will try to contact this lady to get her full name and ask her why she called it a "National ID" and not a drivers license and when she was
told to start calling it such.

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