Thursday, June 14, 2007

Browns To Hold National Press Conference

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tax Protestors Ed and Elaine Brown have exclusively revealed today that they are to hold a press conference at their home in Plainfield New Hampshire this coming Monday.

Joining them in support and as a freelance reporter documenting the event for Infowars and the GCN radio network will be Ruby Ridge standoff survivor Randy Weaver.

Weaver was shot himself and lost his wife and young son in 1992 when the federal government brutally killed them when they refused to leave their property. He is showing incredible bravery and patriotism by putting himself back into a very similar situation.

Weaver has said that he wishes to diffuse the situation and prevent any bloodshed.

A press conference will be held with Weaver and the Browns this Monday at 2pm EDT, national and local press have been welcomed by the Browns.

The Browns situation has today been covered in the national press by CBS and AP, who have again described the Brown home as a "fortified concrete compound". Does the Brown home look like a fortified compound to you?

They also describe the Browns as "holed up" despite the fact that their home has no security gates or fences of any kind and is completely open to anyone who wishes to just walk in at any time.

U.S. Marshal Steve Monier acknowledged Wednesday that waiting out the Browns could take months, but he said time was on authorities' side. He said he hoped prison would seem like an agreeable option for the Browns after a summer without air conditioning and possibly a winter without heat, the report states.

"We have seized their phone and Internet service, and two days ago, we cut their power," Monier said. "It's a continuing effort to move them along to understand they need to do the right thing, and this is to surrender to us."

Monier has said there are no federal agents in Plainfield or surveillance teams in camouflage watching the fortified home at 401 Center of Town Road, despite it being proved that agents were lurking in the trees when they were discovered by dog walker Danny Riley who states that he was shot at and tasered and now describes himself as a "nervous wreck". Riley says that he is still being threatened for revealing that the FBI are involved in the case.

The report as well as another Union Leader piece state that the US marshals office was swamped with callers last week expressing support for the Browns after "a website" (i.e. urged readers to make a stand.

Click here to listen to Randy Weaver and Elaine Brown on the Alex Jones Show today.

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