Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dentists urge Beattie to fluoridate Qld water

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Thursday, May 31, 2007. 9:09am (AEST)

Dentists urge Beattie to fluoridate Qld water

Dentists are calling on the State Government to fluoridate water when it takes control of supplies from south-east Queensland councils.

Previously it has been up to the individual councils to make that decision but Premier Peter Beattie says the takeover would change that.

But despite pressure from his own Health Minister and after years of encouraging councils to add it, Mr Beattie says he has not decided whether to or not.

The Australian Dental Association's Robert McCray has always argued the State Government should intervene and insist fluoride be added.

He says now more than ever, the Government should move to bring Queensland into line with the other states.

"I think that's something that they need to give some very serious consideration to because really it falls squarely into their area of responsibility, not only through the way in which we've outlined but also simply legislatively," he said.

Dr McCray says the cost of fluoridating water would be worth it in the long-term.

"We'd certainly love them to come around to the point of view that there's an economic, social and health argument that ticks off all the boxes on this, and if they decided to do it tomorrow then no-one would be happier than us," he said.

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