Monday, June 11, 2007

Did Kevin Flynn do his homework?

While at the Browns home, Kevin Flynn, from WMUR 9 New Hampshire, was given a copy of Arron Russo's
AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM. He was told by Ed Brown to watch the video, "how could you not look at the evidence?" Mr. Flynn said "How long is it?, Mr. Brown replied "It's about 1 hour long." Mr. Flynn replied, "I will watch it."

Now the question has come up, did he watch it and what does he think now? I will attempt to answer these questions in this report, and get his full opinion on the matter.

I called Mr. Flynn today, asked him if he had a chance to watch the dvd, he replied, "I haven't had a chance yet." but he told me he is going to watch the film and agreed to give me his full oppion on the matter.

More to come.........

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