Monday, June 11, 2007

Overview of Dr. Ron Paul:


• Constitutional Republic & National Sovereignty
• Non Intervention Foreign policy
• Protect personal liberty and privacy
• Ron Paul's House Health Freedom Protection Bill (Your right for access to Dietary Supplements)


Only congressman that Voted against Iraq war 1 & 2
Only congressman that Voted against the Patriot Act 1 & 2
Voted against regulating the Internet
Will stop the North American Union and loss of US Sovereignty
Voted against the Real ID Act.
Stop the national ID card system
Stop special interests from violating property rights

A few of the first things he will do as president.

• Bring all of our troops home and stop policing the world and secure our borders.
• Shut down the Illegal Federal Reserve (Only candidate to ever say this, ever)
• Shut down the Illegal IRS (Only candidate to ever say this, ever)
• End our participation in Globalist organizations UN, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, ICC and CAFTA


* He has never voted to raise taxes.
* He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
* He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
* He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
* He has never taken a government-paid junket.
* He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
* He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

*** Unlike the other Democrat & Republican candidates he is not part of the New World Order or any globalist organizations such as The Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. (Please google if you are currently not aware of these organizations and their agenda).


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Current Explosion of Interest

“Congressman Ron Paul’s surprising second place finish in Fox News’ debate watchers text message poll was just the start of his increasing popularity. Paul had received little mention as a true contender for the GOP nomination, yet he earned 25% of the vote and is leaving political analysts scratching their heads.
“It is not just the Fox News poll that shows a jump in support for Paul since the second Republican Debate last month in South Carolina. According to, Paul‘s MySpace support has jumped over 20% to 15,000 ‘friends.’ Moreover, Paul’s YouTube stats have increased 621.2% with 533,314 video downloads. Nearly one million people have visited the Ron Paul YouTube Channel, which is second only to Barrack Obama. Earlier in the week, he appeared on the popular YouTube channel DomeNation, speaking about his recent quarrel with fellow Republican Rudy Giluiani.” [...]
Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.

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Official Site

None official sites that support Ron Paul:


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This is poor quality but the BEST VIDEO ON THE REAL ECONOMY I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

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Main Website:

Ron Paul Exposes the Federal Reserve

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Congressman Ron Paul warns elite believe they own us and are "always prepared" to take our liberties

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Speaks out on phony UN-US dog and pony show, EPA testing pesticides on children

Rep. Congressman: Bush and Congress Violated The US Constitution
War In Iraq without a Congressional declaration of war is a prime violation

Congressman Says Iran War Delayed
Government still in propaganda phase of build-up


"We have a great opportunity here to demonstrate that the people in this country truly do have the power to shape their government, much is at stake and Ron Paul needs our support, so for the cause of liberty and freedom, please donate as much as you can."

Ron Paul is not backed by the Military Industrial Complex, the big Pharmaceuticals or paid off by the Globalist and international bankers through the illegal Federal Reserve. This is a grass roots movement that depends on you! Thank you deeply for your support of truth and positive change. Smiley

P.S. If you are not able to give anything financially at this time, please to to and join your local community. We can all play our part by helping out and giving a small amount of time to make a big difference in the future of your life and your family. Gratitude for your support!

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