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The Death of Freemasonry

It has long been believe that Freemasons rule the world, and look to bring in a New World Order.
In this article I hope to dispel these theories and show how Freemasonry was demonized by another secret group of men to make Freemasons forget why they are Freemasons and destroy their image in America.

Freemasonry started in the earliest of times, (as some like to think the Times of King Solomon) with stone masons. This men were the smartest men on earth, being able to carve into stone angles never before seen by men. This men only used 3 major tools, The Level, the Compass, and the Square. The story goes that 3 non-master masons wanted the secret word of the Master Mason in order to obtain the secrets of the craft of masonry and so they could also obtain the wages of a master mason. The men were told, you will receive the word of the Master Mason when the project is done. These men did not want to wait any longer, so they devised a plan to extort the word from the Master Mason. The 3 men each hid at one of the 3 entrances of building. As the Master Mason came in to the first entrance, he was assaulted by the first man. The man demanded the word of a Master Mason, the master would not give it, so the first man cut the masters chest,
but the master got away. When the master entered the second entrance, he was assaulted by the second man, again asked for the word of the Master Mason, the master would not give it, the second man cut the masters throat. The master was able to get away from the second man, but very badly wounded and stumbled to the third entrance. The third man was awaiting the master at the third entrance and demanded the word of the Master Mason, but again the master would not give it. The third man then hit the master in the head with the corner of a sharp object (it is not fully clear what that object was). The point of this, is for the reader
to understand where the rituals of the Freemason come from, and will be fully explain latter in this article.

So now we know where Freemasons get their rituals from, but yet the Freemason today, doesn't truly understand what a true Freemason is and where he comes from, I will explain this shortly.

Now we will talk about the brilliant minds of the late 1600's as it is hard to pinpoint when and where the Freemason first entered with Stone Masons, but it is believe it happened in or around the time of Roman/Jesus times. But what is known is that Fran├žois-Marie Arouet (aka Voltaire) was a Master Mason, and a French Enlightenment writer, essayist, deist and philosopher known for his wit, philosophical sport, and defense of civil liberties, including freedom of religion
and the right to a fair trial. He was an outspoken supporter of social reform despite strict censorship laws in France and harsh penalties for those who broke them. A satirical polemicist, he frequently made use of his works to criticize Christian Church dogma and the French institutions of his day.

It is believe in this time, such way of thinking was wrong, and evil. So men of such minds had to find a way to be able to freely talk about anything they wished with out worry of prosecution. These men found the Stone Masons and found that the Stone Masons liked and enjoyed these men's thoughts. So these men were taught the secret hand shakes and words of the stone mason to use to identify themselves from non-free thinkers.

The first Masonic Grand Lodge was established in England in 1717 as the Premier Grand Lodge of England. Now let's think about something, around this time men were overly tired of being taxed to death and yes some of these masons were the thinkers that devised the plan to break away from England and create their own country based of Freedom and Liberty.

So now we jump to America, where masons have already been living before the pilgrims came here. Our founding father masons were still under the control of England and they had had enough. So these mean devised a plan, The Boston Tea party, was devised by masons to start the war with England. Around 1776 another group was founded by the name of Bavarian Illuminati, now here is where it get interesting. The Illuminati, made of of Freemasons were radical thinkers, and power hungry. These men tried to talk Washington into becoming the first King of America, but Washington said, "Do you think I fought King George III to become King George the first?",
and sense he was so popular with the people of this land, he was voted in as First President of
America. This shows true Free masonic values, and integrity. Now the Illuminati didn't like this, they wanted George Washing to be a King, so that they could later take control. Sense this didn't happen they devised a plan to demonize Freemasonry and they succeeded! It was thought that the Illuminati was disbanded by the Freemasons, but this was untrue, just like the big thinkers of old, they hide from every one but then reappeared later as "The Brotherhood of Death" also now known as "Skull and Bones". The Yale Bones catalogs indicate that Skull and Bones began in the U.S. in the 3rd decade of the second period of the organization. The first decade of the second period would be 1800 with the first period being 1790-1800: "That places us in the time frame of the elimination of Illuminati by the Bavarian Elector. The Illuminati, who at the time were Freemasons, killed another Freemason by the name of William Morgan in 1826, as it turned out, all the men that were involved in this plot were found not guilty of the murder. After this took place, many began to believe that the Freemasons were not compatible with society. As a result, the Anti-Masonic Party was formed. This party was surprisingly strong, running against the National Republicans, a rival political party. At first, they were mainly active in New York. By 1832, the movement spread and became a powerful party in Pennsylvania and Vermont. In fact, the party became so successful in Vermont that William A. Palmer was elected governor of Vermont while running on an Anti-Mason ticket.

Now we can start to see the full picture of why Freemasons are looked down on in America today. The Illuminati had pulled off there plan with precision. The Freemason's memberships drop in dramatic numbers, making it so that Freemasons wouldn't even admit they were Freemasons. It is also interesting to note that around this time, Freemasons had seem to have lost the true nature of being a Freemason. The right to free thought and expression with-in the lodges had seemed to be banned, as it is today, Freemasons are told we are not allowed to talk about politics, religion etc etc in the lodge, when it had been done for many years before. This also was the plan of the Illuminati. Not only were the Freemasons seen as evil, but they also lost the true meaning of Freemasonry, basically killing Freemasonry itself. Sense this time, began the rise of the other degrees, to father confuse the Freemason and the public. As a Freemason, after you have reached the 3rd degree you are told, this is the only degree that matters, cause no other degree is higher (in rank, etc etc) than a Master Mason. How ever this doesn't stop one from learning more about their craft if they wish, but because one learns more about the craft, it doesn't make them any better than a Master Mason, just like in the Stone Mason days. Once a Master Mason you have all the instructions you need to do your work and make wages. The Illuminati would have you believe that Freemasons control the world, but if you look at even the normal people that are 32 or 33 degree are on par average people with no political connections. It is my mission to bring this to the attention of other Freemason who may have lost their way and been brainwashed into forgetting why Freemasonry was founded in the first place. The only reason we as Freemasons do not bring Religion into the lodge is to prevent free thinking, but the Illuminati as taken it a few steps further by adding politics to the rules, which even further kills free thought!

As a Freemason, this makes me as mad as hell! I still believe in the founding father Freemason that fought for freedom and liberty and I will for as long as I am allowed by the Illuminati to live, and I will continue to spread this message to anyone willing to hear it.

In Closing I would like to also say that, to our oath, if any bother asks me to do anything that will help destroy what our founding fathers fought for, I will not help them! We as Freemasons already had our NEW WORLD ORDER, which was Freedom and Liberty, and now the Illuminati wishes to destroy it for their own personal gains! It is up to every true free thinking man to break out of this left-right paradigm and wake up to the sheet that has been pulled over our eyes and fight this tyranny and injustice before the Illuminati "New World Order" is in full effect.

"Those People who are not governed by GOD will be ruled by tyrants."
William Penn, Founder of the English colony of Pennsylvania, had an enlightened attitude for his time in regards to religious tolerance and
in his dealings with Native Americans. Courtesy, Library of Congress.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
George Washington 3rd Degree Master Mason

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